On the evening of his crucifixion Christ made this prophecy and promise. Approximately 1850 years thereafter, on February 20, 1898, to the impoverished Rulof family in s’Heerenburg (the Lord’s mountain), a child was born bearing the name Jozef. 
On the 3rd of November 1952, the day of his death, he left mankind with over 20 books.
 His master in the Hereafter named Alcar, developed him into a medium as never before witnessed in human history and never again will be.  No subject was untouched concerning the occult science and manifestations now and yet to come.  He was but an instrument of his master without whom he could not act.  He was born specifically to fulfill an enormous task for mankind:

 To change believe into knowledge.

 In order to write his books Jozef projected himself out of his body, hundreds of times that he might first experience and then relate his experiences into his books. Even the typing of the manuscripts was not performed by Jozef himself.  Alcar wanted to retain all control himself so that every aspect of a 250 year long study, conducted in the Hereafter, would be transmitted in its purist form here on Earth.  His gifts as a sensitive did not stop with writing alone but also expressed themselves in healing, painting, drawing, clairaudience and clairvoyance.  As a painting medium, he produced hundreds of paintings, which also provided him with an income. All this from a man who, in a manner of speaking,
couldn’t even hold a paintbrush.
Today we live in the information age.  Almost everything can be asked, as the world is now interconnected.  The spiritual consciousness of society is expanding.  Through this expansion there are several questions that remain unanswered regardless of which religious belief or scientific circle one belongs to.  These answers lay behind the grave.
Today and in the future, society will want to have clear answers to these hundreds if not thousands of questions.
This website is to act as a platform for anyone who wrestles with such questions concerning life and afterlife, without the pretense of knowing everything associated with every personal question or answer.  The masters in the Hereafter would like to accomplish and have as their goal, unity on Earth.  Oneness of thought and sensitivity.  They would like society to think at a cosmic level… to think differently.  To change society’s perspective to that of the Hereafter.  To think in a spiritual manner so that one understands the meaning of why one is here on Earth.  The larger the growth of unity of thought and sensitivity (this requires the participation of hundreds of thousands of individuals) , the more society will receive in knowledge and wisdom from the Hereafter,  all for the betterment of this world.  Because God is LOVE.

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