Current and future generations would like to know and receive a clear answer to hundreds if not thousands of questions such as:


What happens to me after I die?

 Who and what is God?

 Is God capable of eternal damnation?

 Why was Darwin incorrect?

 How did illness first manifest itself on Earth?

 Why is burial preferable to cremation?

 Why are there various races of Man?

 How did our solar system come into being?

 Is there truly fire in Hell?

 Why is war inevitable?

 Is there any truth to Astrology?

 Why is there so much suffering on Earth?

 Is the Bible the Word of God?

 Is there value in the practice of celibacy by the clergy?

 Is there life on other planets?

 What purpose do the stars and planets have?

 What are body, soul, and spirit?

 Why does male and female exist?

 What is the meaning of reincarnation?

 Is it possible for the Earth to cease being?

 What will society look like in the next one hundred thousand years?

 Was man created in the manner of the Bible?

 From where does insanity originate?

 Is the Resurrection fact?

 Did Christ die for our sins?

 Did Christ have siblings?

 What is the true source of our inventions?

 Will disease be eradicated on Earth?

 Why do so many marriages fail? 

Does coincidence really exist?

 Why is one person a genius and the other a psychopath?

 Where does a child prodigy come from?

 Why is the birth rate following war greater for boys than for girls?

 Any truth to Judgment Day?

 Do the craters on the face of the Moon have any significance?

 Why does the Moon only present one side to us?

Why are the churches running dry?

 Why does one person suffer from illness and another is healthy?

Why is one rich and another poor?

One lives in the jungle and the other is Caucasian?

 Should we be expecting a Second Coming?

 Why nothing will remain concealed.

 Does a God who blesses one life and curses another really exist?

 What is Divine Love?

These and many more questions are discussed in the works of Jozef Rulof.


Hans Roesink