There is no power in Death

Nothing in the world creates as much anxiety for people as the fear of death.   In the works of Jozef Rulof this topic is constantly visited and it is and systematically explained why the church is to blame for this misconception.   The church constantly speaks about hellfire and eternal damnation.  They cling to an image of God that is manifested out of their own unconscious brain, to suppress their congregations by putting the “fear of God” into them.  The church neither knows nor understands God or Creation.  By reading Jozef Rulof’s books, fear for death disappears and it becomes evident that death does not exist and that we are not subject to eternal damnation.  We are also made aware of the fact that we do not only experience one life… but have experienced millions.  We learn about a God of Love and that everyone, without exception, through His Righteousness and Justice, by way of reincarnation, is allowed the opportunity to correct the mistakes made in thousands of incarnations.  Everyone whether past, present or future, who experiences life on Earth, is here to correct their previous mistakes.  No one is exempt. The Christ stated: “Ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven until you have paid every last penny”.
 Therefore: It is not God who is at fault here for our suffering, for God is Love.  It is we who are responsible for our own suffering!    Did not the Christ say?
 “Know ye not that ye are gods”  God resides in each of us with all of our past life experiences attached to our current existence. We will be reborn in the environment suited to providing us the opportunity to make amends to someone who we have previously wronged. We will meet them again. 
In our final incarnation on Earth we will have corrected all of our misdeeds and leave a legacy for all mankind to help and support them.  Once we awaken in the Hereafter, we begin anew to develop within ourselves the Divine Love and consciousness until we reach our goal, which is to arrive in the ALL, where we will become as God IS.

 The Divine Characteristics

There are three Divine characteristics: Fatherhood, Motherhood and Reincarnation.
As we are able to read in these books, God is both Father and Mother.  It was God’s desire that all of us understand and experience His creation.  Since we are gods, and we are to fully understand creation, it becomes evident that we would have to experience life as both mother and father.  Motherhood is the highest attribute on Earth.  It is she who is capable of providing life to the individual, giving it the opportunity, again and again to make amends.  The life the mother carries within her, is born to the exact environment to which it is suited in order to fulfill its task.  There is a vital connection to others around it.
These are the characteristics associated with reincarnation and are immutable.
This is the purpose of motherhood and is nothing else but receiving. 
The father element carries the creative force and supports creation.  This becomes clear when one sees the great composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, etc.  As well as the great artists the Earth has known such as Rembrandt, Rubens and van Dyke.  Presently we see the creative element in the artistry of master chefs.
Humans are not the only creature to experience fatherhood and motherhood through reincarnation.  The entire Animal and Plant kingdoms are subject to its laws as well. Through this process of reincarnation man as well as animal acquire a more advanced state of being.
Science today still asks the question of why all of the dinosaurs became extinct.  All sorts of theories have been tossed around but in reality it means that these creatures also had to evolve into a higher life form.  Today they can be recognized as our horses and cattle.  Eventually all animal species, with the exception of post-creative creatures, will evolve into the winged variety. In this manner everything evolves, as it is by Divine Law.
An explanation of homosexuality is also to be found in experiencing reincarnation, motherhood and fatherhood, since all mankind must experience these aspects of creation.  Along with this, comes a remnant dominance of feeling and experience that ties in with the former life as a man or a woman.  Therefore if a woman, the desire to relate to a man, even though currently occupying a male form.  For all outward appearances it looks as if a man is seeking another man but actually it is the hold-over inner feeling that is exercising dominance.  For a woman this is even more so the case as male dominance is overpowering as she seeks out another woman as a partner. 

Hans Roesink