The Image of God


What God is Not.


During his many projections out of his body, the divine likeness of God was explained to Jozef Rulof.  Also how the unconscious child of man bypassed the historical account of what happened.  We read that all of the religions on Earth worshiped their own god. A god to which characteristics were given which originated out of their own minds.   Since these characteristics were accepted as fact, therefore acted upon, it was only a matter of course that one religious group thought their god to be “better” than another and was willing to go to war over it in the name of their god.  Millions of men, women and children were slaughtered, hanged, drowned, set on fire, buried alive, drawn and quartered, raped and disfigured.  One religion cursed the other, thus it is understandable that Jozef Rulof, states: “the church produced more pain and suffering than Hitler did.”
(It has been estimated that as many as 5 million women and children were killed by the Catholic Church as witches). 
Even to this day, God is still depicted as a man with a long gray beard, a large staff, sitting on a throne, but most of all a God to be feared. 
God is represented as a boogie-man for whom we must be frightened. 
Even now there are societies, which promote the idea of an elected people.  If you are not chosen, then you will burn forever in the deepest darkness.  Others lay the blame on the individual, forced to choose between Christ as intercessor who perished for their sins, or not chose and also end up in hell after death. 
Many a suicide and insanity resulted from this mistaken idea. 
Today there are religious sects in Europe who believe it morally permissible for a father to have sexual relations with his own daughter while his wife is yet pregnant!  God approves of this??!! 
Is it such a surprise, with the higher consciousness now found within society, that the churches are empty and that people no longer want anything to do with a God of damnation.  Modern understanding cannot condone the message delivered from the pulpit where we are led to believe that a God of Love would hate and condemn us.
Should God curse and damn just one life, the entire creation would collapse in on itself.  We do not wish to take away your belief, however, stop with the Damnation already.

What God IS.

Simply put…All life on Earth and in the entire universe, visible and invisible.
To put it in human terms, each person is God as soul, we ourselves are it.  Once we were harmonious with God, up until the moment that we cast ourselves out of Divine Harmony.   It was no fault of God’s for we did this ourselves.   Because…God is Love.
This means that all of our faults, produced in all of our lifetimes, must, may and can be corrected.  It does not matter what unpleasantness we may have produced, everyone, including those who committed atrocities, are as soul one with God.  This is Divine Justice.  You can clearly see that if we condemn one of God’s creatures we condemn ourselves as well and this is not permissible.   
If this was presented to society by the church and they had not used the Bible to further their own ends, but understood more clearly God’s Love, our current society would be much better off.  Humanity would, in the image of God, have become more compassionate and loving, precluding much spiritual suffering. 
Eventually all of the great religions will have to bow their heads for the spiritual laws. When, as was prophesized, that moment arrives, the masters of the Afterlife will create a direct connection or contact with the Earth, without human interference. Until then we have the books written by Jozef Rulof, for those of you who would at this time, receive answers to the many “whys and wherefores”.

Hans Roesink