Last two articles of the periodical “Evolution” 

During the time when Jozef Rulof was still on Earth, a periodical existed, under the name “Evolution”. In 1947 it was discontinued. The following is the final issue. It is therefore so interesting, as it provides us with a nice overview of the life of Jozef. These are two articles written by master Zelanus.

The Society for Spiritual Science Foundation 'The Age of Christ'
When Andre received word from his masters to set up this society, it was accomplished through master Alcar. What did the Hereafter want? What was the purpose in all of this? Through ““Evolution”” you were able to see what it was they wanted to achieve with the help of Earthly assistance. The masters sought to bring unity to Earth, a higher awakening, a higher level of knowledge. Through the lectures and books they are in a position to do this. You have been able to follow this. Worlds opened themselves before you… your soul, your personality were drawn up into the spheres of light. They desired to expand your soul, purify your connection with your loved ones, reveal the occult sciences for your physical and spiritual existence, to bring you back to your “Father’s House”, your Heaven in life after death. For this Jozef Rulof, Andre Dectar served. The masters developed this individual; they brought this soul into your midst. In silence and joyful oneness did this instrument of the masters serve, bowed his head in the face of thousands of problems which were spiritual and physical, healed the sick, sacrificed of himself because he knew, for which purpose the Heavens had elevated his existence. What this cost him is not possible to describe here! Several volumes added to those written and received by him and presented to you could not possibly even describe this portion of his experiences, the pain, the severity, physical and spiritual suffering from the teachings of the masters, for which he served. Yet “Jeus” the child of mother Crisje and big Hendrick, that child of nature who had no schooling, unlearned, no city education, kept himself standing, continued onward because this individual possessed the great love to serve the unhappy, oppressed and suffering humanity.

The manner in which the masters developed him is found in the “spiritual” books written by Andre’. Still you will now receive another image, the description of this youth, his birth, his sensitivity, contact with other worlds which do not belong to the physical. The book “Jeus of mother Crisje” volume I, transports you towards spiritual thinking and feeling, to the immaculate mother-love…the most elevated state of your life on Earth. It also provides a look into our existence in life after death.
Since his youth this soul has had to bow his head for thousands of astral laws. As “Jeus” you see this personage, placed before the laws of “Golgotha”, screaming, bearing anguish and pain that was out of this world, of which the grown ups around him were totally oblivious, yet was required of him to experience and accept, because higher and greater powers than himself were made manifest to his soul. His beloved mother “Crisje” understood him, her child, her joy. She knew then, that “Jeus” would soon bring to humanity; sensitivity, compassion, understanding and surrender. She was able to follow him and experience some of his suffering. “Jeus “finds himself before millions of laws and is able to absorb them. Through it all he remains childlike, an instrument… he must not fail, he sees angels from Heaven are watching over him.
The description of his youth, his books and the other works that follow, direct you to Andre. As Andre, “Jeus”, Crisje’s little boy, must endure societal consciousness and experience hatred, lies, cheating, passions and violence. Andre begins with his task. The masters connect him to societal thinking and feeling… his books “Jeus of mother Crisje” volumes II & III will convince you of this later. Employed as a mechanic and driver, he begins to understand human nature, city- thinking is revealed to him, he is exposed to the devils of hell, with destruction, shame, insatiable desires of the flesh, oblivious to the inner beauty of his existence among them. He knows this is not his home. That kind is not for him. Within him there is another life, a supernatural power that speaks to him and it is not of this ruthless, unremorseful world.
As he waits on the street for hours for a new fare, he sends his thoughts and feeling to his mother Crisje’s heart and speaks to her from this new environment in which he finds himself. And Crisje sends him her thoughts and “Jeus” hears her say: “You already understand, my ‘Jeus’ that I know what you must experience?”
“Yes” he sends her “Yes, mother I know it. But what kind of a life is this? I wish I had never left you, not ever; we sure had it good, huh!” 

The masters saw the tears rolling down his cheeks. They understood how the soul of “Jeus” would gain in stature in the life of Andre’, their instrument, through which they would soon give explanation of the Divine Laws, through whom they would speak, as this life was prepared to commit to this task. As Andre, “Jeus” receives Jozef Rulof and information about preparation for living in the real world. And it is here that the masters begin with their enormous project. However Jeus lives and dominates this new personality, which gains and matures in strength and abilities. Jeus captures the “eye-opening” knowledge, experiences them through Andre and now understands that he will act as a buffer through which Andre must complete his difficult task. These are three personalities in one man. Later (and this Andre will have to accept), a fourth one will appear, who as the first three will comprise and experience life, to face head-on the universal ferocity of the macro cosmos God’s creation, as AndreDectar. It will be during this time that Andre will dominate Jeus and Jozef. Infallibly have the masters, through the life of Jeus, built up their spiritual instrument who will soon demonstrate to the world how God created all of the wonders of Creation for all of his children. Dectar shall stand next to Andre but of all of these possibilities Jeus remains yet ignorant. He sees that Andre is more than the son of mother Crisje, he sleeps in, and sinks back to the subconscious of Andre, he becomes the second “I” of the personality attracted by the Hereafter. And Andre knows that should life become too heavy for him, he can descend quickly into the personality of Jeus, where mother Crisje can comfort him, understanding what has been asked of him. 
We observe from our realm, that master Alcar has given notice to Andre to resign from his job at the garage. Andre is now fully conscious: Jozef Rulof shall by way of this personality heal the sick, and yet other gifts develop as Andre manifests himself to Jeus and Jozef. By means of every occult process, the contact with Jeus, master Alcar developed a personality, which is in a position to receive messages from life after death and to render diagnoses. In Jozef lives Andre… and Jozef and Jeus live through him! They are to help and serve him, Andre the instrument of his master. Jozef and Jeus represent his physical life. And now master Alcar proceeds further.

Séances are held because Andre must be released from the physical laws. Should master Alcar achieve the ability for his instrument to contact Divine Space, then the soul of “Jeus” must dissolve in the life of Andre through which he can work. Through these Séances, master Alcar is able to have Andre experience the many states of trance. What Jeus experienced as a child will now be controlled and refined. There are gaps in the trance state and these must be plugged if master Alcar is to have his instrument attain cosmic development, with him as the “Astral Personality” giving explanation regarding the laws of created life. These séances give Andre all of the physical and psychic gifts. The books entitled “A View into the Hereafter” tell of this unbelievable development. The years fly by, Andre’ is now the instrument of the masters, Jeus and Jozef must obey. 

After this level of development was achieved master Alcar ceased with the séances. The dissent from those who attended the séances is noticeable, when Andre declares that his master would like to proceed with the spiritual and psychic gifts of which astral projection is the greatest. Those who attended yell: “We don’t get it, the world is at your feet now, you are now in a position to reach millions of people, convince them of the Divine Laws, and what do you do? You throw it all away. You don’t know what you’re doing.” “My God” they say “how is it possible?”
But Andre knows what he is doing, that very evening he consciously steps out of his body, and travels to the spheres of light with his master. There he meets his master’s masters who are influential in his life and personality. Andre is now better able to perceive what is desired of him by the Hereafter. The highest master, Mentor Cesarino, is the one who provides him with the following visions:
Andre sees that the world is not to be helped by physical or psychic phenomena. Thousands of wondrous gifts and inventions have already been granted to humanity. But what has been the outcome? The parapsychologists aren’t getting any further, when these learned men of science experience wonders, they awaken the next day and don’t believe it anymore. 
Andre now sees that the body’s physical elements have been smothered, that he has obtained control over the nervous system. He sees that through the epileptic sleep, the lowest and deepest state of sleep (where the soul relinquishes control of the body, the physical world in which he belongs and lives), he is able to attain the “Great Wings”, the ability to step out of the body, i.e., astral projection. 
And so it is “I am now in Divine Space, with my master’s help we can go wherever we wish. So now is it possible for my master to bring Divine Wisdom to Earth.”
To the Earth he sends a message, to all those who experienced his incredible development, the following:
“All of you think that I am wrong? You think that it is I who compose these messages? You all think that I am in error? My dear folks, what is simpler for me? You say it yourself; the doors on Earth are wide open for me. The world lives and lies in the palm of my hand because in your eyes I am one of the greatest mediums on Earth. I can now travel the world over from city to city; I can convince thousands perhaps millions of people about life after death. But what have we had to accept? Did millions of people start a new life because of the presence of the marvels of science? They turned it into sensationalism. Truly I can conquer the world with these gifts and abilities, however as my master tells it: “What are you without me?” 
If I choose the fame and fortune, the travel across the globe, the treasures I could earn, how would he react? I see now what the highest masters require of me; want to make of my life. What is simpler for me, I ask of you, you too Professor H …who has attended all of my séances, what is easier? I tell you all I stand before worlds, incredible events, before hells and heavens, before the Macrocosmic, before all of the laws of life created by God for humanity, that I, listen carefully now, as Jeus, mother Crisje’s own must surmount. I see, the masters are providing this vision to me, myself standing before thousands of dead, before Satan, before demons, before the millions of laws and powers of this Divine Space. For which I, as a child of Crisje, must bow my head. I can see that I will succumb a thousand times. Oh my God I pray, help me!
I stand before a gigantic life, consciousness and awareness. Here it is being asked of me:
“What do you want? Which path would you walk? The path of sensationalism? Or ours, for which we all perished, for which we all gave our lives?” I must loose myself a thousand times for all of this. I will have to bow my head for every occult law, I will have to accept everything my master presents to me. The highest masters want to bring the “Cosmology” for your life on Earth. Yes I see this, yet you still do not believe, for you are still in spiritual poverty and unable to accept that I bring to you on Earth, through my life, the “Era of Christ”. The highest masters now begin, through me, a New Bible. I know that what I now see and experience, will be removed from my consciousness, as when I return to Earth, I must not remember it, as it would tear me apart. Under that weight I would succumb. Once again I ask all of you, which is simpler for me? 
I can see that I will encounter; embezzlement, scandal, defamation, destruction, misery, pain, destruction, my heart being broken, hells of deception, gossip, envy, cruelty, beastlike mentalities and all of this by myself, on my own!!! Because no one can help me. I stand before all of this alone. So again I ask what is easier. To be respected and received in the great households, to be famous, carried on the shoulders of people from all walks of life, money, a new home since my family would be very well off…. Or withstand hell, Satan, hatred, physical and spiritual burning at the stake while serving Christ, and making a game of “life and death”. Which is easier for me? None of you know!
I am closing the séances and setting physical marvels to a close. I am following the orders of my beloved master, Alcar. I will go through hell, alone, knowing that millions of souls will carry me. “Oh, Crisje, how little people can be, how little they know of our Good Lord! Have you always known this?”

When Andre awakes the next morning, he knows how to deal with things. The séances will discontinue. However master Alcar will bring him through but one more door. A dematerialization will be performed. Four people witness this and declare him to be a spiritual wonder. Of course the following day he is accused of being in league with the devil, possessed by Satan. Of this incredible event there is nothing left over. People are afraid of it. They want nothing to do with it.
“Do you see this?” crosses over his lips as he thinks about his circle of followers. “I’m supposed to serve for this? People have made me out to be the devil. No, a thousand times no, I ‘m listening to master Alcar and his circle.”
Master Alcar then begins on the spiritual development of Andre’. His instrument learns the laws of the Hereafter. Upon his return to Earth his journeys are described. The first books appear, still his development continues further.

Andre now learns all God’s laws. The first ten volumes give evidence of this to your life. Hells and Heavens are opened to his personality. He must prove what it is he wants!
Each time he stands firm despite the fact that these experiences crush his heart, despite that fact he stands before death, suicide, thousands of other dangers, he again and again crawls through the Divine Eye, the Divine Light of his master to one place on Earth, where everything from God, also for his life, perished. Golgotha! Everyday he collapses at least ten times, but knows what awaits him after this awful life on Earth. He realizes what, through the masters, he can make of his life and personality. He continues, nothing holds him back, nothing… he serves, as Andre to which also Dectar belongs, for happiness, the awakening of humanity. Book after book appears. Dectar has revealed himself to his life. Ancient Egypt now holds him, the Temple of Isis presents to him its Divine personality, Andre and Dectar glance into the past. Master Alcar grants him what he himself desires. The heavens view down upon him and he, Andre has remained the child of Crisje through it all. There is no vanity, ego, arrogance; this life remains free of it because it has learned reality. This service is heavy, unbearable actually, yet step for step he wins over each world for this Earth. He journeys into the universe with his beloved master Alcar who remains a father, mother, sister, brother to him. Always an angel. A heavenly connection has been built! When Andre thinks he is finished his master shows him they have just begun. The macro cosmos stands before them. God’s laws must be explained, the Era of Christ has begun. 
The Society for Spiritual Science Foundation 'The Age of Christ' “My God, my God” he pleads “what do you desire of my life?” He calls to Crisje, he speaks to her through space, he feels himself loosing consciousness again, he must conquer these laws anew. Again, he is released from his physical body by his master, again he is brought before the highest masters in the Hereafter, again he bows, accepts what is placed upon his shoulders, as he sees how important it is for humanity to know! Andre continues but the war is closing in. We are now working on “My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth” and …the “Cosmology” of your life. During your last war Andre made thousands of astral projections for these books before master Alcar could actually begin on the most necessary journey with his instrument. On this journey, when Andre finds himself ready, we leave it to master Alcar, Andre, your servant master Zelanus, to reveal to you on Earth all of the Divine creation and laws. In the Cosmology you will read about these holy subjects. During this time he receives the directive to set up The Society for Spiritual Science Foundation 'The Age of Christ' .He is not able to do this alone, the help of others is needed should the masters build on this teaching, should they hope to connect the people of Earth with their universal lives. There is a flood of work and helpers are sent to him. Andre accepts them. All of them have contact with the Hereafter. All of them through their previous lives had contact with the masters who are the inspiration for these lives. Each is given a task to fulfill. 
The Temple of the “University of Christ” is the goal of the masters. From this Temple shall the people of Earth receive spiritual nourishment. Andre receives news that his own people (the Dutch) shall be the ones to receive this Divine gift. 
The information acquired from the journey covers all subjects currently received on Earth. Andre goes deeper into the occult knowledge than any before him. The book “Spiritual Gifts” demonstrates this. Yet this is still not enough. The Divine Work the “Cosmology” for which his life was intended, must still be experienced, received and written. This is the Cosmology for your life!

The war ends, the helpers are pleased with the way things are going. But now he must acknowledge that all of these little personalities try to dominate. All of these helpers do not understand what it means to bow one’s head; they seek themselves first, before they are able to give of themselves, to forge themselves for this holy contact, and heavy service. But this is demanded of these lives. No free lunches. Everything must be earned and they must all apply themselves sooner or later. They will receive the opportunity as all of their inspiration came from workers in the Hereafter and these are all students of master Alcar! Where do you wish to go? What is the intention of the masters? Did you think it was supposed to be this way? I predict that before the cock crows you shall deny me three times. One after the other they falter. Only one remains and he begins teaching this one the lessons. He speaks regarding the life of Andre. You already know of this. From our world to this individual, thank you for your sensitivity and service. 

AMERICA (The United States of America)
The society the “Era of Christ” blossoms and grows. America waits. Andre departs; the masters would like to elevate the peoples of Earth into their Heavenly awareness. Andre lays down the fundamentals. The masters see which direction the Era of Christ is going, however the heavenly workers must confess their earthly helpers are still looking out only after themselves. They are yet unable to carry the burden of the teachings. Andre sees this too and knows that soon he’ll stand alone, again. Now however he is strong and aware. No occult law can break him. He has conquered the macro cosmos. He has received the “Spiritual Inner Temple”. 
During the last months of your war he received six books of the Cosmology, the full content of which contain 100,000 books! It goes without saying that the masters will not be able to complete this work in his lifetime. When you read the book “My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth” you will understand that we will bring to Earth technologies, which will allow us to present this teaching on Earth. This will also be under the direction of Andre and his followers. As it sits, this task remains for those who are willing to set themselves to its mighty completion. From the Hereafter, in the life after death, Andre, after the year 2000 will dictate his books and his teachings to his followers. 

This “University of Christ”, is both ours and your society, founded and established by the masters. This society as it is represented on Earth, remains in AndreDectar’s hands. We have observed and had to accept, that none of you have demonstrated the ability or persistence to stay with this fledgling group. You are unable to act in the role as our representatives as you always sink back into your own level of awareness (consciousness). You constantly have your own thoughts and ideas and you are not able to think deeply enough because the occult laws will break you. You must learn to accept everything the masters share with you. If you are unable to do so, your “why” and “what ifs”- cluttering space- the questioning and doubting, you and those who would follow you, will collapse. Whereas Andre, full of cosmic strength and sensitivity, has remained true and has had to acknowledge the workings of God’s created worlds. But you as his followers are not capable of doing this… accepting. Your suspicions and doubts cause you to falter; we are no longer able to assist you. 
That is it, I wrote of this in my previous article, all of it and this places Andre before the stark reality of the situation. 
We do tell all of you who spent your energies to the building of the consider this. It is not Andre who benefits from your service, it is all of humanity! You received full management of your own duties. All of you have been elevated into the Era of Christ. We say to you, call to you, you are in error. You are not serving us, you serve yourselves. We are not calling a halt to you. You are doing this to yourselves. We don’t chase anyone out, you do this to yourself! Many left, did not have the commitment to fulfill the task, many traversed a completely different path, their own, ran away, followed a path which cannot be ours! They think with their puny human insight that they are doing right by breaking down the fundamentals we have laid down. Don’t they understand Andre’s battle? His service, the humility he has displayed, before hells and heavens, before all of the laws pertaining to your lives? What do they wish to make of their lives? Did they believe the “Society, the Era of Christ” to be an Earthly one? From out of the highest heavens is the “Society, the Era of Christ” governed. Andre is only a student even though he attains cosmic mastery! The masters are speaking from their heaven, from their world to your life. They demonstrate to you that they will go further, through their instrument AndreDectar. You must bow before these laws, as children must you serve, or we will not be able to connect with you. Know what awaits you…to all of this you can compare your previous “I, me, my”, have explanation of your own, situation, but keep Golgotha in your sights! In time, soon, this will be your society, representing you, but governed through ours. Soon you will see, that millions of God’s children, will desire to commit their lives for this beginning, this contact, because universal unity will come to Earth, which is only possible through the “University of Christ”. Does this say anything to you? Do you, after all of the holy contact that has been accomplished wish to go another route? Would you, Earth dweller, through your ignorance, human thinking and feeling, spoil and sever this connection? Do you wish us to try and develop spiritual advancement following your Earthly level of knowledge and science? If yes, then go your own way, but realize you stand on your own two legs.
In order to help you advance in your lives, I will say this to you, “we will remain watchful”. We will continue to inspire you also, or you will sink so very low, into nothingness. The nothingness from where you sprung. This is where you are heading, to nothingness, to spiritual poverty.

Readers of “Evolution” - we have laid down the spiritual, Evolutionary connection for your lives and we call to you not to disconnect them! We brought you and yours to higher knowledge; also the spark of God was opened and awakened. Did you, man of Earth believe we would break and loose this connection? A new life shall be brought forth, one desiring to serve. Others will, after Andre has left his physical body, take up the task to support humanity until the “Divine Instrument” the “Direct Voice” device is brought to Earth. The blood of your blood it is, that the Heavens symbolize. All of you are one; God recognizes only “His” life! Observe the development, be watchful…the first words are soon to be uttered! Heavenly contact has brought your life Evolution and awakening, but it is you, who create separation from the millions of souls who have been elevated to God through their own acceptance of the sacrifices that were required of them. You place yourself before the Universal Weigh Scale and you need to see how things have been weighed. Know without doubt that we have not taken any action or part in your own downfall! Readers of “Evolution”, “Jeus”, mother Crisje’s own, is the one who opened your lives to our lives. Should you want to understand all of this, then look deeper into your life, follow us, we too went through Golgotha! Look at those who have been touched by Heaven. The Good Lord’s cradle is rocking a little and it is you who lay in it! Do you understand these laws? Blood of my life do you recognize me?? Soul of my soul, I am with you, I remain vigilant, though I live in the Hereafter.
Soon we shall be together as one again. You also have fulfilled your assignment. Is it not as the beginning of our lives was? No matter where we found ourselves we always had to bow our heads, to accept, to understand. Andre teaches this to you and yours. Now God says to your lives: “Continue in peace, love all of my children, but know that I have created even greater joy for you. For this you will have to give everything of yourselves, but then you shall be as I AM, “Everlasting Love”. 
This is how my life became a life of service and I too became a student of the masters…

Sincerely yours, Master Zelanus. 


Master Alcar

Should you be a student of history, followed the rise of physical and spiritual events, you would know that it was the inspired individuals, with deep feeling, who through heartache and pain, suffering and unselfishness, with their blood and tears, built your society. Since the beginning of mankind it has been this way. For whatever nations or peoples they served, the sects they belonged to, their upbringing or careers, their education, all this is preserved for mankind. Yet each went through a hell of misunderstanding, stupid but evil destructive elements, beastly thinking and passions, to which they set themselves against. Yet they persevered to accomplish their tasks, to thereafter enter from death, into eternal life. Now they were liberated from all of the opposition, conniving, deviousness. Their spiritual life now radiated upon them. They were introduced to their Guide, for whom they had served as a human being; it was a spirit of light, an Angel. They kneeled at the feet of their masters, and were able to appreciate serving the “Almighty Light”. Their master spoke and said: Do you now see, do you understand, why others before you faltered? They too sought to serve, but they only served themselves. Not “HIM”, who on Golgotha perished for all of us, Alas, they only served themselves! Go back with me to Earth, for it is there, that I will explanation of the laws of God. It is there my brother, you will look back into your earthly life, and to which laws you gave service. But most important, which evil it was, that set fire to your Temple”. 
The students of the masters could now establish for which purpose they offered their lives. They understood that they had conquered evil! 
Do you not recognize them?
Travel back with me to ancient Egypt. Many of these fell there. Only a few kept themselves standing. Look to Pythagoras, your Rudolf Steiner and others, their temples were ransacked by their followers and then set aflame. But these inspired souls continued onward, they served Christ! Set their lives in for “Everlasting Light”, the spark of God, for Love and Righteousness, joy and enhanced humanity. They presented a “Father of Love”. 
Observe the thousands of damaged bodies, look upon these people, who were faced with the lying, cheating, human pettiness and yet had to create a path for their followers to Golgotha but were snuffed out by those unconscious souls, their followers.
This holds true for your current time… so too, our instrument Andre Dectar, Jozef Rulof is on the same path. And he is aware of it! However he acknowledges his challenge, nothing is holding him back, nothing! He knows which powers and energies, inspire his life. You probable can feel that your time is no different. Yet the Heavens are speaking to your life. We demonstrated this with our lectures, through the books, through his life we find ourselves among you. An again, destruction, the followers falter, feel called upon to burn the Temple, even though we have just laid the foundation for it. They are trying to destroy the fundamental elements and think they are performing a good deed, but do not realize they will fail in this. You live in 1947, no longer in the prehistoric times!
Have you learned nothing from your last war? Did not all of the suffering, misery and pain, hunger and destruction open you heart towards goodness? Pettiness, self- centeredness, feeling sorry for yourself, is this what motivates your lives? Is this “Evolution”? Are these the aspects for which one must learn to bow one’s head? Do you imagine to walk the path of Golgotha in this manner? To serve HIM?
I shall be brief. From my domain in the spheres of light, it has been given to me…to prepare you, the readers of “Evolution”, for the departure that you so protest against. This then is your last article your… last… “Evolution”. Through this connection you felt yourselves bonded to the Heavens, that is, those of you who opened themselves fully to our teachings. Through this connection you stood in the heart of He for whom we all serve. This contact is now broken. AndreDectar will continue. The highest masters desired that all of you show your colors. We also had to do so. It crushed our “ego”, still we celebrate our victory over weakness, ease, vanity, self-indulgence, frivolity. We consciously died a physical death for HIM, or we would never have beheld HIS Divine Light. We suffered for Him, our teachings, to bring to Earth compassion and awakening by serving God’s children there. We were castigated, tortured but accepted this terrible violence, because our hearts had awakened in spirit. When we entered into the spheres of light, we were no longer human beings, we became “love”. We evolved, we brought Evolution to Earth, we understand now that due to selfishness, the drag you down- disruptive mentality, we are not capable of drawing forth the spheres of light from the human heart. We followed the true path of goodness and kneeled down at the feet of our masters. We bowed our heads and showed our colors, knowing, only through this did we maintain ourselves. Each one of you must be willing to give completely of yourself or the spheres of light will also call a Divine halt to you. Of your lives is also requested: “which laws will you serve”? We ask you to bow your head or you will have to accept, that you will be left alone, because you are not serving HIM, you are destroying. I ask you, what is your current situation? In what manner did you think and behave during our hard work in America? The weak doubted; they were left alone; they couldn’t keep watch for even a small amount of time. They faltered right after that. Personalities broke away, snapped off. So now the rooster of Jerusalem crows for their lives. Did I not give you warning during our lecture nights? Did I not convince you of the events which would transpire? Many among you did show your colors, they faltered, were weighed and found wanting. Others stood as rocks in the fire; these were the least obvious…the least among you??
This is the last article to be published in “Evolution”, and we must disconnect our contact with you. Even if only for a short while, not for our lives, we are already firmly connected, we continue to advance! We will no longer speak to your lives through “Evolution”, you can continue to follow Andre’s lectures, even though later you will have to accept, that America will call to him to establish there the “Era of Christ”. A great task awaits him there, as well as those who have resolved to finish their assigned tasks there. Do not feel depressed or sad; you of good spirit, because you miss “Evolution”, know that we knew where this work was going to end up. All of you were given that for which you longed, a connection. But no one understood it, even for a second!
Andre understands that disruption, destruction, misrepresentation; await him and those of the few who have kept themselves standing. But we stand behind him. Did you expect something else? Or are you attuned to darkness? To all of you, who would live your own life I say: do not take the easy way, or let go of us. I call after you to accept pain, suffering, dare to set your lives in for Golgotha. Serve now. Serve for the happiness of this beaten humanity. 
Nothing can hold us back. Nothing can affect Andre; he is not weak, he bows his head continually, because he understands now is the time for this to occur on Earth! My brothers and sisters of “Evolution”, everything is fine, also this disconnection of our contact. There are many circumstances that demonstrate to you that this departure is necessary, because so many have tried to discredit this work. Your word is not to be trusted; you desire contact but do not understand that the fundamentals and groundwork are in your hands. Do you not appreciate that physical matter on Earth is necessary in order to produce spiritual manifestation? In your lives the sensitivity does not exist, no understanding, no possession that lingers on Earth. You proceed as if this was given to you to preserve somewhere, think about from time to time, but you do not understand the universal importance of it. 
Let me be frank. Many of you did not have the capacity to sustain this contact. It was broken due to the display of a nonchalant attitude with no follow up. Well then, let us put this “spiritual child” to rest. I assure you it lives on in the Hereafter. There it will be received in a Temple, the threshold of which proclaims: Out of me you receive Wisdom, Strength and Love. The Era of Christ lives on.
Andre shall complete his assigned task. As he left your lives, so will he return stronger than ever. The worthy among you did not hesitate, to them I call out: Stand up, you will have to show yourselves later anyway, do it while you yet live on Earth. Thank you for all of your efforts, a thank you from the masters. There is advancement for you and yours, awakening. We too fell a thousand times, but continued. This brought all of us before Golgotha! Is all of this so incomprehensible? To those of you, who throughout all of this held steadfast, thank you for your sensitivity, a thank you from the Heavens. Now you can discern your own task, your own – “self”. Think now in the proper direction, towards Golgotha! It is there where God will lay both of His Hands upon your head and proclaim: “Well done my child, to conquer through yourself, is one of the universal fundamentals in life after death. Build on your eternal serenity, learn to serve” 
Oh you little of spirit, do not despoil yourself over spiritual matters, do not try to restrict the Light of your world, through your silly prattle, because you will not succeed. 
What do you know of occult science? The God of all life gave you the light in your eyes. How did you use HIS light? To perceive your own wickedness in others? 
God gave you a mouth to speak… what kind of words pass through your lips? Are they words of praise, solace, understanding, surrender, love and joy? 
God gave you the ability to think and feel. In what manner have you perceived the things HE created? What were you thinking when it was time to show your colors to HIM? Open yourself to willingness, friendship, and understanding. The life that bows the ego stands ready, full of compassion, ready to advance higher on the only road that leads to God. 
Now begins the new “Evolution”. For this the strongest among you will give their life’s blood. Fervently desire to bring the Heavens, the paradise of Christ to Earth. Do you, I wonder, expect something different? Not one soul is exempt. The Heavens are populated, also the Divine All, yet all of them also faltered consciously or unconsciously, they were forged through their struggle to bring goodness and awakening to Earth. Christ gave us the Divine example.
Until next time my children, I will again be in your midst, with me the highest masters from the spheres of light, yours and my masters, Andre’s life is prepared for this.

Yours, Master Zelanus