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03. Who was Jozef Rulof                                       19-01-05 16. References.
04. Questions.                                                        28-11-04 17. Questions and answers.
05. How is it death does not exist?                    28-11-04 18. Book orders.
06. The face of God.                                              28-11-04 19. Hein en Lily Franssen (gifted psychics).
07. What is Love?                                                  19-01-05 20. Update.
08. Thou shalt not kill.                                          19-01-05 21. Archives.
09. In what manner should we be thinking. 22. E-mail.
10. A call to the scientific community. 23. Links.
11. Cosmic blueprint for human evolution. 24. Guest book.
12. A brief word from Master Alcar. new link www.christus-wil.nl  02-11-2008
13. Last two articles of the periodical “Evolution”

A. Mankind seeking the truth... 

Aarde, waarom zijn we hier? Over het levenswerk van Jozef Rulof, zoals het door Christus is beloofd en voorspeld.

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