Who was Jozef Rulof?
Jozef Rulof was born in a village named ‘s-Heerenberg (the Lord’s Mount) in the year 1898.  A backwoods area near the border of Germany.  Even as a child he was able to perceive things unseen by others.  But for Jeus, his nickname, this was completely normal.  It was as real for him as his mother and father were.   When playing in the woods there was always someone accompanying him.  This was a person who no longer lived on Earth, but resided in the astral world.  He was able to converse with him.  He was able to speak to him as he would his brothers or sister.  To him this was quite normal.  His ability to perceive the invisible was not by chance.  It had deep significance.  He was given a great task to fulfill on Earth.  In 1952 he died after having accomplished his task.


 Jozef Rulof’s Great Undertaking
Shortly before the Roman authorities arrested Jesus, he gave his apostles a prophecy.  He said to them that someone would come to Earth, who would expound on the things He, Jesus wanted to make known.  He added that the person who would accomplish this would show mankind the manner in which life and all its nuances are constructed.  Along with this Jesus declared, that this person would be the one who brings the truth.  Jesus kept his promise and to this end Jozef Rulof arrived on Earth.
 While in school Jozef took in very little of public education.  Actually, he wasn’t allowed to, by his master, his spiritual guide.  This master resided in a magnificent realm.  This realm was not here on Earth but in, as it is referred to, the Hereafter.  The Hereafter includes all of the heavens and hells that exist.  We shall explain how all of this is put together.  This master had completed a study, which lasted 250 years.  He was able to see how and where man, animal and plant were born.  He studied the planets and stars.  He descended into the deepest hells and witnessed why people of Earth ended up there.  He also saw why people ascended into spheres of light after their death.  He had seen who God truly is.  He saw how the bible had errors.  He had witnessed the creation of life itself.  All that happened and is does not simply dissipate.  Everything lingers on even thoughts themselves are not lost.
This spiritual master was named Alcar.  Alcar had selected Jeus (Jozef) as a vehicle to bring all of this wisdom to Earth.  Christ Himself was aware of this choice.   In order to accomplish this in the best way, Jeus would not be allowed to have exposure to information or read about this subject matter.  The information was to be shared but he was not to take part in it.  He was but to impart what he heard and observed and nothing more.   When he died in 1952 Alcar had written 25 volumes with the help of the physical body of Jozef Rulof…  He used his given name after he moved to the big city, The Hague.

 In what manner where the books written?
We read earlier how Jozef, while attending elementary school, did not absorb any of the teaching.  He was not even able to write his own name.  This appeared to be a problem because if you can’t even write your own name, how are you going to be an author and write books.  Yet as a small child he often told anyone who would listen
“When I grow up, I’m going to write books!”
Now in order to explain to you dear reader, how this all transpired, we need to first explain to you a little bit about yourself.
When you are born you actually consist of three parts:
You possess a body.
You possess a spirit.
You are a soul.
Your body: can be seen, touched, can walk around, dance, play football, with your arms you can strike or caress, with your voice you can sing, scream for joy or anger, you can do virtually everything with your body.
Your spirit: is also a body, but is unseen, for most people.  There are some among you that are able.  The spirit is very, very old, ancient.  Within your spirit all experiences are incorporated from the many things you did during many lifetimes.  Good as well as bad.  Also your remembrances are to be found in this life.  So you wonder have I lived many lives?  Yes, millions of them.  We still explain later the reason for this.
Your soul: is God.  
Therefore every individual is a God.  This is often very difficult to accept.  When you see the wicked things people do it is very hard to accept and yet it is so.
Well then if master Alcar wanted to begin writing utilizing the body of Jozef, then Jozef’s spirit had to remove itself from his own body. Not all the way because then he would perish.  Alcar as spirit would then enter into the body and work on the manuscript by writing on the typewriter.  Computers had not been invented yet.  So the spirit of Jozef was made free from the limitations of the body with Alcar’s help and was able to then directly experience those things Alcar wanted his to experience, the Hereafter.  Upon their return from their travels, Jozef would again be in this own body. Their experiences together in the afterlife were then transcribed into the books.
We refer to this leaving of the body as: astral projection.
Again Jozef was unable to accomplish this on his own.  Of himself, Jozef was not able to do anything, and sought little of what his task was.  If it was required that Jozef projected out of his body then Alcar projected him out.  Everything was to be under Alcar’s control.  Nothing must interfere with the messages, books, paintings etc., all of it was to arrive on Earth in its purist form.   You can believe this or reject it, but Jozef actually had conversations with Christ a few times.  This was after all the Will of Christ that all of this should occur.  Then it would seem normal that you would have a talk with “The Boss” right?

 What else did Jozef do?
He was able to heal a great many people, most of whom had been given up on by their physicians.  Alcar was able to look deep into the body to find a cause for their condition.  He was able to determine what was curable and what was not.  If there was a treatment available he told Jozef, who then relayed the information to the patient.  These were not only people who came with physical diseases but psychiatric disorders as well. 
Besides this he also produced many paintings.  All this considering he could “barely hold a paint brush”… as it were.  There were many painters who reside in the afterlife, who utilized Jozef’s body to produce fine works of art.  These paintings are to be compared in quality and style with the likes of Rembrandt and van Gogh.  However the flowers he painted are not to be found on Earth, they can only be appreciated when viewed in the Hereafter.  Each painting had a meaning.
After all of the books were written, he presented hundreds of lectures.  This was accomplished in the same manner as when he painted or wrote.  A master, in this case it was master Zelanus, utilized the body of Jozef in order to directly communicate from the heavens, in what manner we can best live our lives, what has gone wrong, how one must think and so forth.
In the very first lecture Alcar stated the Age of Christ has begun.  This means that humanity would now hear what Christ was unable to convey due to his crucifixion.  In 1946 a society was establish with the same name.  All of the volumes written together constitute the “University of Christ”.  Therefore if you read this you are attending the university, the University of living.  This university is not a new religion, or sect.  You are unable to become a member.  This university deeply desires everyone to think from the perspective of the Hereafter towards Earth.  Still we think about how it is on the other side, but it does not fit.  You will naturally ask yourself why the masters make such a fuss over people on Earth.   Well this is because all of the people, who once lived on Earth, genuinely desire everyone on Earth to be happy.  They would like very much to see an end to war, murder.  Have a realization that God is not a person, that each of us must change our way of thinking.  That mankind frees itself from the Bible, because the Bible was written by men, who were ignorant of how things really are.  Look at it this way.  The writers of the Bible were in Kindergarten but telling kids in the 6th grade how it should be.  This can’t be.  But during that time they didn’t know any better.  They therefore created their own story. 

 Explanation of Names
During the course of several articles certain names appear.  For those of you not familiar with the books o Jozef Rulof it is necessary to give and explanation. 
Why so many names you might ask?  All of these personalities were required as one personality, Jozef Rulof, was unable to carry such a burden of wisdom and knowledge.  For example Dectar was very advanced in his knowledge of spiritual science from his life in ancient Egypt and this understanding could be expanded upon. 
Jeus: This was a nickname given to him as a youth while in ‘s-Heerenberg.  Jeus was the rural personality of the backwoods.  When life became to stressful for Jozef, he would find consolation from Jeus.  Jeus had no knowledge of what Jozef did.  In the books “Cosmology”.  Jeus is further examined.  
Jozef:  This is his real name, which he used while living in the city of The Hague.
Andre: This is a name, which he carried, in one of his previous lifetimes.
:  This name is also one from a previous lifetime as a priest in ancient Egypt.  He lived there during the height of the Egyptian Empire.  At the same time as the decline and ruin of this empire.  This is all touched upon in the book “Between Life and Death”.
Marja Radjany:   While living in the Far East, he carried this name and under this same name he wrote several articles for weekly newsletters.
The names Andre’, Dectar and Marja Radjany are therefore past personalities of Jozef.  They are as it were re-appearances called forth by master Alcar, as Jozef was unable to carry this burden alone.  Another piece of evidence that nothing is forgotten.
Alcar is the master from the astral realm who in his previous incarnation on Earth was known as the painter Anthony van Dyck.  His two adepts were, Jozef on Earth and master Zelanus in the Hereafter.  Master Zelanus was the individual who oversaw the lectures.
Zelanus:  Master Zelanus was the adept of master Alcar in the Hereafter as Jozef was his counterpart on Earth.

Hans Roesink