What is Love?

 Love is the force, from which the entire creation received its commencement.  It is the most powerful force in the universe.  God is pure Love and from God, creation had its beginnings.  As previously touched upon we are all gods, therefore also Love.  However man was also given the ability to exercise free will to make his own choices.  God bestowed everything upon us!!   He placed all of creation into our hands, in its entirety with nothing more to add.  It is man who, due to his un-refinement, trampled upon the divine expression of Love.  We are still witness to this in our own time.  Our fundamental task while here on Earth, is to recapture this divine Love, which is manifested in the souls of all our fellowmen, and make amends for all of the past, present and future actions we have taken or are yet to take.  As the spiritual consciousness becomes dominant within us, the more loving we will become and we will cast aside our negative thoughts and actions.  The works of Jozef Rulof have as their foremost purpose, the awakening of spiritual consciousness on Earth.  This was the enormous task he undertook, because of his desire to be of service to mankind.  Only through service to others are we reunited with the Divine Love of God.
These volumes also impart to society the most important aspect of our lives. Primarily: “to learn to love all life”.

 Love = God = Love

Fear = fear = fear

Love Builds

Fear destroys

Love Releases

Fear clings tight

Love Heals

Fear creates illness

Love opens the hands

Fear tightens the fist

Love Trusts

Fear is suspicious

Love has a soft voice

Fear is noise

Love brings clarity

Fear blinds

Love Listens

Fear turns a deaf ear

Love accepts

Fear rejects

Love is spiritual treasure

Fear is spiritual poverty

Love Loves

Fear hates